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Birkin Backlash

Jane Birkin, English actress and singer, is most widely known as the namesake for the popular Birkin handbag, which is one of the most recognizable pieces from the luxuery French fashion house, Hermès. The Brikin handbag is the "it" handbag for all the celebrities due to its exclusivity and steep retail price. Jane Birkin was recently featured on Good Morning America in a story expressing her desire to discontinue her name affiliation with the Brikin Croco bag. You are probably asking yourself why someone like Jane would want to cut ties, but the answer is quite simple. Jane is an advocate for animals, and she is alleging that crocodiles are being harmed in the making of the Birkin Croco after viewing a video by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). However, the story doesn’t stop there. PETA recently acquired one share of Hermès. This recent purchase permits PETA representatives to attend annual Hermès meetings and ask questions. Despite PETA's efforts, they may have to wait another year to attend the annual meeting because Hermès just recently held its 2015 annual meeting on June 2nd. PETA’s desire to buy a share of Hermès not only follows Jane’s statements, but also follows the allegations that farms mentioned in PETA’s investigative report are associated with Hermès.

According to PETA, "There are few laws to protect reptiles from abuse, and those that do exist are often not enforced. For example, although animals such as anacondas and crocodiles are covered by Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) regulations, it is estimated that for every animal [that] is legally killed for the exotic skins trade, another will be illegally poached. In the United States, reptiles are excluded from the meager protections afforded by the Animal Welfare Act. It can take the skins of four crocodiles to make a single bag."

Please note that the content linked through this post may be disturbing. Sharing this link does not mean that The Fashion Docket agrees with the content in the video, but the sharing of this video is to provide information pertaining to the background of this story.