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Tommy Hilfiger Has Exciting News in Store for Fall 2016

As if Gigi Hadid, American fashion model, does not have enough on her plate, she has taken on a new project. But this time, the tables have turned. She is use to being told what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it; however, she will now be giving her own design input as she launches her own clothing collection in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

Nearly a year ago, Hadid walked in Hilfiger’s February 2015 show. According to The New York Times, Hadid seems to be looking for more of a challenge since she says that modeling is “not the hardest job in the world,” but then again, she has been modeling since she was two years old. Hopefully designing a collection will give her just what she is looking for. She admitted spending “an extra five hours [in Hilfiger’s studio on] the first day,” so maybe it was a match made in heaven since the very beginning.

The collection will be called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger. It will launch next fall. You can expect pieces in footwear, sportswear, and accessories. You can also expect to see Hadid staring in Hilfiger’s fall campaign.

Tommy Hilfiger’s meager 1.6 million Instagram followers hardly competes with Hadid’s 10.3 million followers. Even the number of likes on Hilfiger’s Instagram photos featuring Hadid has attracted more attention, likely from some of Hadid’s followers who have ventured onto Hilfiger’s page just to see Gigi. I must admit I am one of Hadid’s followers and writing this post has me perusing Hilfiger’s page liking different photos.

Not only have the tables turned for Hadid, but the contract obligations are also likely to change. One thing is for sure—an online template was not used in this deal, and Hadid’s social media posts of the upcoming collection are being monitored closely. Everyone got a little tease three days ago when the news leaked via Hadid’s Instagram (see image above). I am excited to see what Tommy Hilfigers X Gigi Hadid has to offer.