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The Most Incredible Spring 2016 Trends

Spring 2016 collections were revealed a few months back and there were quite a few ideas worth investing. Personally speaking, spring is easily the most experimental fashion season, where you can still follow the trends and yet be creative in your own ways. In the last few years, spring fashion has been about breaking a few stereotypes without losing the essence of the season. This post is about the spring 2016 trends that probably made the most impact. We will also talk of some practical ideas that will help you get these trends within your decided budget.

Stripes in action: There was a time when floral and spring would probably mean the best match, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. Last year, we had gingham, which was extensively used by a number of top design houses. For spring 2016, gingham gets replaced by bold and striking stripes. A striped skirt is probably a spring classic, but the way coordinated ensembles appeared on runways, the trend demanded instant attention. Also, the use of bold and pop colours was quite evident, while some designers also worked with unique and unusual colours. You can check collections of Christian Dior, Max Mara and Dolce & Gabbana for a few ideas, and if you are looking for online shopping, click here.

Tweaking the classic: A crisp white shirt is like that one item that you can never go wrong with! However, many designers went ahead to give this classic a tweak with unique designs, materials, cut-outs and beyond. In short, you will be wearing more fun white shirts with great variety this year. Some of the designers you might want to check for this one include Anthony Vaccarello, Fendi and Vera Wang. If you cannot go for high-end designer stuff, there are some great options even in your regular brands, and with the right store on the web, you can even get a few discounts.

Pleated well: Spring 2016 Collections also had extreme use of sculptural pleats and ruffles. While both are varied and different trends, these are actually those ideas that can be interpreted in a number of different ways. From dresses at Chanel and Hermès to skirts at Emilio Pucci and Gucci, there were some great designs in pleats. Ruffles too made a huge comeback on the runway, with designers coming up with dresses that had an instant feminine vibe. Some of the designers, who worked with ruffles, include Rosie Assoulin, Balmain and Roberto Cavalli.

With these experimental and happening trends for spring 2016, you can finally start making your bucket list. It is also worth mentioning that cut-outs made a major impression in many collections, so you might want to play a bit edgy when you look for clothing. Happy spring shopping!

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About The Fashion Docket's February Guest Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief editor and writer for budding fashion blog – The House Of Elegance Fashion. With readers around the world, she is best known for her practical and often unique style tips with special focus on trending fashion.